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Chase announces brand new Freedom Flex bank card, as well as additions to Chase Freedom Unlimited

Chase’s currently popular lineup of credit cards got a tad larger on Monday, as the issuer announced the launch of its new Chase Freedom Flex flash memory card, that will be for sale for uses starting September 15. The new no-annual-fee cash back Mastercard fuses a set of turning added bonus classes with an extra

Stock Market

The US tech sector is currently worth more than the whole European stock market, Bank of America says

US tech stocks have overtaken the entire European stock market in market value as investors crowd into mega-caps to drive away the coronavirus pandemic. The tech market is currently worth $9.1 trillion, Bank of America stated Thursday, while European stocks – which includes people in the Switzerland and UK – are actually well worth a


Bitcoin on the rise, as traders shift focus to $12,000 price level

The world’s flagship crypto appears to be on the rise, as it recently received a price increase. This unique feat was triggered by the price tag volatility recorded throughout the prior week with U.S Federal Reserve Chairman’s speech at Jackson Hole and the latest expiration of some BTC futures Within the time this article was


Bitcoin, Ethereum Hit Milestone Levels

Bitcoin, Ethereum Hit Milestone Levels Summary Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) remain to keep good uptrends. Precious metals are in target as BTC and gold (gc) show correlation. Market Trends This WeekBitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), the 2 greatest cryptocurrencies, carried on their bullish fashion this week. After an initial failed breakout action, Bitcoin finally

Stock Market

Stock market’s trailblazing pace buoys Trump’s reelection odds

U.S. stocks have battled back from their coronavirus induced plunge to specify a record setting pace of progress in an important period for President Trump’s reelection bid. The S&P 500 is up 60 % since bottoming on March twenty three, and sustaining that average daily gain of aproximatelly 0.5 percent through Election Day — while


China Is’ No Threat To Bitcoin,’ Promises Foundry CEO After $100 Million Bitcoin Mining Bet

Bitcoin mining is business that is a huge amount of. In only 10 years, bitcoin mining, where bitcoin tokens are actually compensated to people who keep the bitcoin network, has morphed from a bedroom based, money-making hobby into a billion dollar industry. Digital Currency Group, a venture capital organization which owns digital currency investing firm

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